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Police Fleet Manager
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Beyond the Badge
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The Chief of Police
"Police-Perpetrated Domestic Violence:
"Watch your Car"
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The UP Mag
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Law Enforcement Technology
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Law and Order
"Victims' Advocacy Programs"

Law Officer
"Analyzing the Clues: Crime laboratory options
for rural departments"
Michelle J.G. Perin, Public Safety Writer
"Honor the Fallen"
"Louisville Metro Police Department"
"Officer/Scientist Jones, Please Take
the Stand"
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Michigan Snowmobiler
"SledFest 2008"
"Lake Gogebic"
"Right-of-Way, Wrong Way or No Way?"
"Moyle Racing USA"
"Tread Lightly: Living on and Loving the
"Easements: Who Gave you the Right
of Way?"
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"Blizzards, Flurries, and Freezing Rain"
"Snowmobiler Down"
"This Old Sled"
"Oh, the Bridges We'll Cross"
"Ready, Set, Go: Pre-Season
"New Kid on the (Ice) Block"